Every company deserves for a strong and experienced partner. We are specialists in the field of VAT refund from abroad within the European Union and the countries which have signed a Reciprocity Rules (eg. Norway, Switzerland and other countries) with over 12 years of experience. We do everything in our power to be the best choice for you, without any compromises.

If you are registered as a VAT payer, you are entitled to a refund of foreign VAT, which was paid by you.

If the VAT of the following services, is your cost, it can’t stay in the foreign Tax Offices! It’s your money!

  • Fuel (petrol, diesel, gas)
  • Restaurants / food, drinks
  • Services on real estate
  • Hotel services
  • Transport (taxi, car rental, transport of passengers or goods)
  • Purchase of goods, tooling
  • Purchase of passenger vehicles, trucks and other vehicles
  • Conferences, seminars, training courses
  • And other services purchased abroad

Our goal is to maximize a claim of VAT and optimizing your travel costs, while reducing your administrative work. Our team will contact foreign Tax Offices in local languages, in accordance with the regulations of each country. Thanks to our Experts, we do not cooperate with intermediaries, which leads to speed up the reimbursement of VAT.

Our service is, from A to Z. We will carry out verification of foreign documents, we’ll complete the necessary documentation, we’ll create and send correct application in accordance with the local legislative, we will communicate with the foreign Tax Authorities in local languages. We will make sure that the VAT refund was sent to your account. Our commission is calculated only from the amount that would be really accepted by the Tax Office. This means that if we find out, that your invoices are not refundable or do not reach the required minimum, our service is completely FREE.

Of course MS-VAT proposes commissions, which are the lowest on the market, while maintaining the highest quality of service. Individual approach of our Specialists will ensure the best offer for you. Our offer is intended for large, medium and small companies. Minimum for annual application is 50 EUR (or equivalent in another currency).

Even today contact us and we will set up for non-binding meeting with our Sales Representative, which will introduce to you a lot of practical information or to do immediately a free verification of documents.